What is My Story?

I grew up through the 60s, 70s, and 80s with the distinct belief that education and getting a job were my destiny.

Like most of us, I was never encouraged to explore the possibilities, never given the tools to understand myself, or to have self-awareness.

Some part of me desired to explore the world of conversation, media, and broadcasting, but I was discouraged by my father to do that.

I was also a heavy kid, I grew up constantly aware of my weight, constantly consumed by how I might be judged by others.

I discovered my vocation by accident, simply falling into the world of human performance because I wanted to be around sports. I loved athleticism, and I loved sport, and if I was not going to be a broadcaster, to be able to coach or educate through the world of physical performance seemed the right fit.

My focus became the pinnacle of this world, or at least the perceived pinnacle, professional sport.

I worked hard every day to reach an opportunity in professional sport. Everything I did in my work was about making myself better so I could someday qualify for a position in human performance in professional sport.

However, I was disappointed many times, not qualified enough, didn’t know the right people, wrong place wrong time, the list of turn downs was extensive.

And my excuses never made me feel any better about why I didn’t make it.

I began to lose hope.

Meanwhile, I failed in a series of personal relationships, misunderstanding myself, and the women who I fell in love with, misdirected in what I really needed or wanted in my life.

I suffered the experience of divorce in the early 90s, and it made me feel like a failure in life.

Finally, one day, not so much because of what I knew, but because of who I knew (a worthy conversation during this program) I received an opportunity to go to the National Hockey League, to work in pro sports.

But it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, so much less than what I wanted, and so much more than I had ever contemplated.

I gave myself to the work, ran towards what I thought was important, ran away from what I couldn’t understand. I failed in a second marriage, lost my job, and found myself back in Canada after a three-year stint in New York.

I finally had the job I thought I wanted. I was the Lead of Performance for the Montreal Canadiens.

I was at the pinnacle.

Or was I?

Eight years later, I left disillusioned, disappointed, and lost. I was so lost, I tried filling the void with the building of a performance and reconditioning business with my wife and partner.

Maybe building a business would be my solace?

Together we built a seven-figure performance facility with 500 members and an amazing stable of Olympic and Professional athletes training every day. But I still struggled with my sense of satisfaction with life as well as a lingering feeling that I wasn’t being my true self.

One day, arriving at 50 years old, having left the job with the Canadiens and deep in the weeds of my brick and mortar business, I found myself staring at the mirror still unclear of my purpose on this earth, or the means to actually make a difference that felt real and honest.

I set out on a mindset journey, realizing that I had never really connected with my true spirit, realizing that who I was, was not what I was, and that who I was simply needed the opportunity to evolve.

I found purpose, I found passion, I found a life of evolution and growth that inspired me. I also found that the journey is never over, there is no finish line, there is no “Made it”. And I was ok with that, it made me believe more in the process, not the outcome, and the why, not the how.

I reconnected with my desire to broadcast in service to others. To reach out to those who are challenged in life with what they are, getting in the way of who they are, arresting their true exploration, and replacing it with what was expected by those in judgment.

The Leave Your Mark podcast, and the LYM Life Lab is my attempt to help others see what I have seen, perhaps earlier in life, or without the difficult experiences that have shaped my journey.

It’s my opportunity to serve you, for, in service of your growth, I am made whole.

My Values

Love, Believe-in, and stay true to me
Give myself to those I care about and be grateful
Question convention
Dream freely
Build legacy and pay it forward
Carry myself with humility and integrity
Love myself and live to my potential